about the film

Inspired by the ageless words of William Shakespeare’s classic texts, If It Be Love weaves together four portraits of varying and contrasting faces of love – the passion of Antony & Cleopatra, the tragic rejection of Ophelia by Hamlet, the haunting manipulation of Macbeth by his Lady, and the jealousy of Othello.

The audience is taken on a journey unfolding in four chapters. A relationship fuelled with wild excitement, to loss which breaks the spirit, evoking a desperate need to regain control but leading to destruction and inevitable death.

Produced by a small team on a micro-budget and filmed in some of England’s most beautiful and historic locations, possible due to the collaborative efforts of all involved, If It Be Love was made with an emphasis on timelessness; feeling and meaning are expressed without the confines of a specific period in history, mixing the old and the new, fusing past and present and looking forward to the future.

By breaking down and dissecting the texts which are familiar to the public, a new interpretation of the words, character motivations, and events becomes possible, moving away from what have become norms through repetition, invigorating Shakespeare’s words giving them fresh life and hopefully encourage new inspirations and discussions.